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Advergames theoretically promote repeated traffic to websites and reinforce brands.

Users choosing to register to be eligible for prizes can help marketers collect customer data.

The games themselves usually feature the company's products prominently (often as "powerups" or upgrades).

These games may consist of reworked arcade classics or original programming, and they are usually designed for Adobe Flash or similar multimedia software.

Educational advergaming is closely related to the Serious games initiative and falls under either Edumarket gaming or edutainment.

Examples include Food Force (made by the United Nations' World Food Program) and Urban Jungle, an educational traffic simulation.

These games were typically of a higher quality than the modern flash games and were distributed for free, often bundled with other products from the company advertised for.

The first floppy disk advergames were developed to serve dual purposes — as promotional incentives that drive response and as media that deliver awareness.

Dr Emma Boyland, a lecturer in appetite and obesity at the University of Liverpool, and a co-author of the WHO report, warns this technology enables advertisers to tell if a child is near a fast-food restaurant, and to send them advertising and offers to lure them in. American Home Foods Chef Boyardee, Coca-Cola, and Samsung brands issued the first-ever floppy-disk advergames The first in-box CD-ROM cereal box advergames were General Mills' Chex Quest (promoting the Chex brand) and General Mills' All-Star baseball (starring Trix Rabbit and his friends playing baseball against Major League teams and stars).With the spread of broadband internet, ATL advergames have become more in-depth than the simple arcade style flash games and larger games that were confined to being distributed on disc only.It has been applied to various free online games commissioned by major companies.With the growth of the internet, advergames have proliferated, often becoming the most visited aspect of brand websites and becoming an integrated part of brand media planning in an increasingly fractured media environment.

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