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After a visit to Pama on Wednesday we continue on following the traces of our one-day trip at the three-states border.

Today we stop by an unusual chapel and take a look at the easternmost town in Austria.

With tons of information in our head and also delighted with the beautiful downtown we continued to the last stop on our trip, a place called in German Dreiländereck, or a place where three countries meet. Text and: Oskár Mažgút These days we received a new bike map of Lower Austria.

Except of 7 TOP trails, there are bike trails suitable for families with small children.

It was an old tourists’ board dating perhaps to the era of very first direction boards.

It hung on a treet near an information board with a map.

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The town also faced the work-migration problem in the modern history, yet it is not su Chvilku ch an issue in the present.

New, current chapel, was built in 1764, a model of the statue was put on it altar.

The interior is decorated with frescos by well-known artist Franz Anton Maulbertsch.

Soon, we found a beautiful chapel at Slovak-Austria border in a local district named Zeiselhof. By the Holy Cross chapel was a small park with garden, benches, wooden summer house and a board informing about importance and history of the chapel, and the path of pilgrimage and local sights.

We found out that it former chapel was there already in 1754, it was constructed on "miraculous" place, where allegedly a shepherd found a statue of Christ after whipping .

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