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But a piece of advice here, would be to set u free site-wide membership- to lure in members.And you could then charge members for special services.(Do make sure that you add a ‘Rules & Regulations’ on the membership page to restrict member age group to 18 ).Any Word Press membership plugin you choose would provide you tiered membership, but a plugin I would recommend is Paid Membership Pro. Dating websites are primarily membership based social networking websites. You have the same elements- user profiles, private messaging, likes, advanced search, and the like. All you have to do now, is use their experience as inputs for your dating website on Word Press. A dating website could be compared to Facebook (a social networking website). Well, all of that- but most importantly it becomes mature.So, a similar website on Word Press would have to be a combination of two major plugins- a social networking plugin and a membership plugin. This list contains a breakdown of elements on a dating website and the Word Press plugins you’d need to provide each feature. To monetize your dating website, you’ll need a Word Press membership plugin.

But a premium matchmaking service would involve dealing with an individual client’s need.

And for that, your dating website needs a solid search functionality.

The default Word Press search functionality certainly won’t do.

What you need is an advanced search functionality which works with your social networking plugin, or one which uses the extra profile fields to filter members.

Ideally the search plugin should allow members to filter fellow member profiles using tags, or keywords.

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