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In the spirit of compromise, though, the severity of infractions is, of course, inversely proportional to how much you fancy the person/are game for a relationship.

, the tome to heal and inspire all gold-digging women, is finally out. She thinks it's just sweatshops over there." She said she was considering something upstate.

I didn’t care about the women, I cared about the other thing they had in common: having to sit through several soul-sapping hours with this tornado of negativity.

These aren't the secrets of the sphinx, but it's important to have a strategy."So, strategy.

10 Your fashion choices Certain items of clothing could be deployed by the UN as oestrogen repellents.

Unless it’s a crisp, clean shirt or your name is Peter Andre, steer clear of white.

8 Random acts of aggression You learn an awful lot about where a person expends their energy in life when you see them unspeakably furious at a cabbie for going the down the wrong street, or snarling at someone who bumped into them on the tube.

Do I want to be around a bloke who lives at boiling point?

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