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A hairdresser who faces a potential life sentence for trying to infect as many men as possible with HIV was filmed lying to police when he told them he did not have the virus.

Daryll Rowe, 27, originally from Edinburgh, infected five men from the Brighton area and the North East with HIV while five others narrowly escaped contracting the life-changing virus.

Fearing there was a lone suspect attempting to spread HIV to as many men as possible, a public health warning was issued.

When the first two men were diagnosed with HIV, police swooped and arrested Rowe who subsequently denied having HIV and claimed he had never met the men concerned.

Speaking after his convictions today, Detective Inspector Andy Wolstenholme said: 'This trial is the first time that a person has been charged and convicted of deliberately infecting others with HIV in the country.'The verdict today is very welcome. ' Two dock officers have been sacked for falling asleep during Daryll Rowe's trial.

He travelled to Australia for a year to visit his brothers in Perth before moving back to Edinburgh to work.He loved star signs, likening himself with characteristics of his Libra symbol of being 'relationship orientated', artistic, creative and balanced.After he was diagnosed with HIV in April 2015, he said he tried urine therapy in a bid to rid himself of the illness.Daryll Rowe presented himself as a softly spoken 'vegan hippie' who was looking for love - but in court it emerged he was actually 'nasty individual' who could quickly become angry.Originally from Edinburgh, he was taken into care at a young age and fostered from the age of seven, he left school after taking his GCSEs and trained as a hairdresser at college.

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