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* It is the User's (your) responsibility to verify information about an inmate/prison pen pal through additional sources such as the facility where the inmate/pen pal is being detained.

I'm looking for female snail mail palsfrom the USA from 19 to 40.

See More Female Prisoners ATTENTION: This Female Prisoner is NOT interested in contact from other Inmates.

This woman is ONLY interested in contact from upstanding members of society who are NOT in prison.

You do not necessarily have to write to an inmate under the guise of starting a romantic or sexual relationship.

Female Prison & it's associates have not "Officially" investigated the truth and or accuracy of any information published by any prisoner listed on this website.

* Users (You) are using the information provided by this website at the user's (your) own risk.

No homophobes, racists, or people looking to convert me to their religion. People of all ages & locations outside the USA are welcome to write! Female, 22Hobbies: scrapbooking, beading, photography, listening to music, watching television, spending time with my daughters, cross-stitching, needlepoint, foreign languages and penpalling Message: I'm a mother of 2 looking to write to other female or young moms. I'm shy and quiet but caring and honest and I can be a good friend if you're a truthful person. Female, 12Hobbies: Shoping, Modelling, Travel, Hangin' Out With Friends, Collecting stamps, Rollerblading, Chatting Online...

No men looking for romance, money, transportation or anything that involves me having to send you money. Female, 25Snail Mail Address:2139 Chestnut Oaks Rd Powhatan, VA 23139USAHobbies: writing, art, surfing the web, traveling, fitness, spending time with my boyfriend and friends Message: I'm looking for FEMALE POSTAL PEN PALSONLY. I'll respond to anyone of any age and fromany country. Female, 19Snail Mail Address: Email me for it Hobbies: fencing, politics, reading Message: Im interested in corresponding with anyone, via email or postal. Box 1498 Sisters Oregon 97759USAHobbies: acting, theater, long letters, swapping, animals, dolphins Message: Hi! Just need someone to talk to and possibly get to know closely as a friend. Message: I'd like a female penpal betwween the ages of 11 and 16& can possibly e-mail or chat every other day or so.

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