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The newspapers are to be held in a Level-2 Document Locker at Site-98.MTF-Zeta-16-02 is to track and delete instances of SCP-2703 found in advertisements websites.SCP-2703-1 possesses 5 tentacle-like appendages of adjustable length, located on its back.Each appendage is of different colour (red, pink, yellow, blue and green) and is safe for human consumption.MTF-Zeta-16-03 is to erase instances of SCP-2703 present in women's public restrooms.Description: SCP-2703 is the message "" manifesting on newspaper announcements, advertisements websites and on public restroom doors in the city of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Upon manifestation, D-6053 was ordered to ask SCP-2703-1 to teleport him to [REDACTED], a Foundation-front restaurant. Results: D-6053 and SCP-2703-1 talked for 1 hour about various topics, such as fate and the meaning of love.Should an individual (referred to as the subject) call the number on a telephone of any kind after reading SCP-2703, an entity (referred to as SCP-2703-1) will manifest within 2 to 5 hours, usually 3 meters in front of the subject.This effect is triggered only if the subjects are aware of the literal meaning of the message, and if they have read an original instance of SCP-2703.Item #: SCP-2703 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Forces Zeta-16-01, -02, and -03 (respectively referred to as "Newspaper's Boys", "Gearlist" and "Restraining Orders") have been organized with the purpose of locating the different manifestations of SCP-2703.MTF-Zeta-16-01 is to confiscate all newspapers containing instances of SCP-2703.

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