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Be sure to read all the rules as there are additional qualifications. If you are a paying subscriber to, you can contact anyone you want regardless of whether they pay or not.

How Much will the Six Month Guarantee Cost in Total? As I covered in my discussion of issues with the six month guarantee, you cannot hide your profile and still qualify for the guarantee.

Besides designing the architectural programme, we are also happy to organise reservations for transport, accommodation and restaurants and can provide an all-round no-worries programme for you if requested.

All our hand-picked guiding architects have a professional background in architecture and urbanism with first-hand knowledge of the design and building culture in their country.

However, if you unhide your profile you will appear in this section for anyone you viewed.

Our members are independent companies, offering professional architecture tours in the region or city where they are based. On the left, you should see a section labeled Visibility Options. You can still contact people when your profile is hidden but they won’t be able to look at your profile so that sort of defeats the purpose (so remember to make yourself visible if you start contacting people). There several things hiding your profile do but primarily it removes you from search results. This time I wanted to cover other types of questions that have sent people here. Unfortunately, doesn’t reveal who is a paying member and who is not. Can I Hide My Profile but Still Quality for Guarantee? However, if you contact a non-payer then they will not be able to contact you back.

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