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Following the list of pending updates is a “View Details” link that provides more specific information about how each law has affected the section.

The Classification Tables can also be used to find the latest laws affecting the Code.

If you catch an error in the specification’s text, or if you write an implementation, please let us know by opening an issue or pull request at our Git Hub repository.

JSON API is designed to minimize both the number of requests and the amount of data transmitted between clients and servers.

If there are no pending updates listed, the section is current as shown.

When present, the list of pending updates provides the public law numbers of each law affecting the section in some way—either the text of the section, a statutory note set out under the section, or a table of contents preceding the section.

The currency dates of prior versions of the United States Code in print since 1994 can be found by using the “Search in version” feature on the Advanced Search page.

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Changes will not be processed until payment is received and cleared along with the appropriate documentation.The currency date for each section of the United States Code is displayed above the text of the section.If the section has been affected by any laws enacted after that date, those laws will appear in a list of "Pending Updates".This efficiency is achieved without compromising readability, flexibility, or discoverability.JSON API requires use of the JSON API media type () for exchanging data.

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