Intimidating eye black

However, for a little bit of ease - the smoothest place to sit is over the wings as they are nearest to the plane centre's lift and gravity, explains Mr Smith.

The roughest spot is usually the far aft—the rear most rows closest to the tail.

Witnesses on the ground in Sochi filmed as the plane weaved its way its way through the intimidating tornado-like spouts in preparation to land.

The city, famed for hosting the now-controversial Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics amid the Russian doping scandal, returned to normal today.

Although it hosted the world's biggest winter sporting spectacle, in the summer it is seen as a beach resort.

Subtrope to Nom de Guerre, where they the nickname, but they might not be particularly known or feared for it.

Virtually all of these example count as In-Series Nicknames.

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