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), but notebook view Word 2011 does automatic lists and you can even doodle. I think its just too heavy for casual users and mobile support is meh. Syncing takes time(should be seamless), animations hang up in between and there is sometimes seconds of gap between a tap and result.

But it's not the kind of software I'd use on a mobile device really. One person's "bulk" or "bloat" or "cruft" is another person's key feature, so it seems to me it is important to specify what exactly the bulk consists of. When you search, it takes lot of time (I have i Phone 4S and i Pad 4th gen, same on both, so not a device issue!

I haven't used One Note proper in a very long time (2007? It's one of the things that keeps me using Windows.

My biggest worry is Evernote quietly losing a note, because once I record something in Evernote I typically push it from my internal memory. When I want to quickly jot an idea down, it's very inconvenient.

I've started using Simple Note lately, which is far faster, but I don't know to what extent I should trust it to keep my data safely.

As a paying user for years, I've had Evernote lose data many times -- sometimes important, irreplaceable data that I hadn't yet had time to back up elsewhere.

Evernote is some of the very worst software that has ever survived more than a few months on my computer without being deleted.

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