The interface went from something that was best in class to literally the worst interface of any of the cars in our household (lexus, bmw, audi, jeep...).I also thought that maybe the longer I waited the more channels would download.Recently, when we talked about his e-mailing and talking to another woman, he said it started last December.He always manages to upset friends, family and you when he’s tipsy ..you hate the way he never seems to know when to stop when there’s alcohol around.Az_Rael - that's the interface I wish mine looked like.Does anyone know how to delete entries from the express station selection bar at the bottom of the media screen - am unable to figure out how to delete existing entries when in "recent" mode.So Cal_Buzz - I am activated and fully receiving all channels.You can then delete any ones you don't want anymore.

People change XM packages from low-end to premium and new channels should be loaded.

A wife can’t do her part (trust him again) until he has done his part (become trustworthy).

Men don’t always like that first responsibility, but it is true.” That kind of attack is outright spiritual abuse, and it comes out of the same weak character root that sent you into sexual sin in the first place.

Despite some worrying that we might not find anything to talk about and it would be a long, awkward weekend, the two of us actually had plenty to discuss: our favorite restaurants, our jobs, and — I wasted no time — the reason why a nice guy like him signed up for Miss Travel in the first place.

We both dug right in, which was a good sign, because you can't trust a man who doesn't like guacamole.

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