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Apart from his spiritual eminence, Sri Dakshinamurthy is regarded a Master in Music, in Tantra and in Yoga.The various styles and forms of his depiction are basically related to one or more of these attributes. There are many bronze images of Vinadhara in the Chola period but sculptural representations and stone images were not many during the early Pallava period.But, in the later periods it seems to have captured the imagination of poets and saint-singers.The images in the standing posture generally belong to the early Pallava period.The Guru’s language of silence dispels the doubts, the confusion and uncertainties in the minds of those around sitting in silence.; he could sit either under the banyan tree or not; his complexion could be fair or golden or red or dark; he could either be surrounded or not surrounded by the rishis.There are also variations in the details of his gestures (These details also vary with the disposition or the particular aspect of Sri Dakshinamurthy that is depicted.

The Chola bronzes are the best illustrations of the woven into circular form and held together by a band or a snake and adorned with crescent moon and flowers.He is the young and radiant Adi-Guru imparting knowledge that liberates.He is the very personification of spiritual wisdom and eminence; and one who is immersed in Self. yashoda lo vaadu doctor lets go now get the matter.. sri chaithanya junior college MPC lo pakka bench pilla. note book okate telisina pilla facebooklo untunda ye ra?

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