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It is especially valuable for its chapter on the ethical relationship between God and man in Islam and its discussion of the term islam and the concept of religion. This highly intellectual introduction to Islam is not suitable for every reader, however.

Copyrights in Arabic publishing are often loosely enforced.

What follows is a short list of works that might help the reader who is interested in the issue of Islamic faith and practice and its relevance to the fields of law and ethics.

Works quoted in this chapter are also listed below.

There are several other good works on Islamic personal law, including Asaf A. Useful information on Shii legal thought and institutions can also be found in Hossein Moderressi Tabatabai's An Introduction to Shii Law: A Bibliographical Study (London: Ithaca Press, 1984).

Books have a habit of going out of print with alarming frequency in the field of Islamic studies.

Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al-Shatibi's al-Muwafaqat fi usul al-Ahkam (Concordances in the Essentials of Shariah Rulings), ed.

Shaykh Abd Allah Diraz (Cairo: al-Maktaba al-Tijariyya al-Kubra, n.d.), is widely known for its pioneering contribution to the philosophy of Islamic law and marks a departure from the hallowed textualist reading of the sources of shariah that had hitherto dominated Islamic juristic thought.

This work, first published in the early thirteenth century, is one of the oldest sources on the founders of the Moroccan Sufi tradition.

A useful bibliography of English and Arabic works on Islamic law can be found in Mohammad Hashim Kamali's Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, 2nd ed. This book also provides an extensive treatment of the sources of Islamic law and legal theory.

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