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Ashish Goyal, Founder and Executive Director of AVSAR, a social service organization providing healthcare to the underprivileged in India; Manish Goyal, actor and filmmaker, and Malika Garret, artist.Friday: Networking, style, entertainment and high expectations Expectations and standards set for the weekend's conference were almost immediately placed above par at the welcoming night.the speakers, presenters and entertainers that greeted the 900 professionals from all over the country who attended?formed a veritable list of Who's Who amongst Indian-Americans nationwide.Her tastes hit the spot for many a women in the room looking for that perfect, elegant yet simple piece. Directed by a talented young filmmaker, Amyn Kaderali, and starring Manish Goyal, both present in the audience.The film's witty and satirical story line struck a chord with many.

And the night did not end until the after party with music by Jay Dabhi, and featuring an exclusive DJ set by Tigerstyle.Beyond the efficient technology utilized for smooth stage runs, beyond the high enthusiasm and professionalism placed by conference coordinators, there was a sense of collective?a collective of ambitious, spirited professional youth, thirsty for change, thirsty to engage and make a difference.As Monica Kulkarni, a Net IP member from New York City, exclaimed, "Hilarious!It's really nice to see Indians coming up and doing well in unconventional streams such as film and fashion." Amyn, the director himself, was very pleased by the energy in the room as he remarked, "This conference is great: the people, the attitude, and the spirit!

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