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It's a sexy game that combines reflection and excitement. It's the only belote game with interactive video and of course the only one with sexy strip tease too.

is the strip tease version of a popular and famous game.

Remember that each board that you solve is followed by a strip-tease! The striptease is, like everybody knows, an erotic show where a striper get naked in a sexy or funny way.

This kind of adult show that you can find in cabaret and special bars is mainly present in a famous game, the strip poker.

Each time you stop on the right number she will strip for you.

In this game you are the guy in a boat in the Jungle, you need to collect objects falling from the sky to see the Hentai babes.

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You can play against up to four opponents simultaneously. The players choose their cards only according to their hand and the reactions of the other players.

Your cheeky opponents play against you through sexy interactive videos, and they are determined to win! Each time you capture an important piece, she will show you something...

Stay concentrated if you want to see the strip-teases! Try to catch her queen, her bishop, her knight or her rook!

Choose to excite her with: Your fingers or your cock.

With your fingers you can touch her tits and shaved pussy, with your cock you can explore her horny cunt, slap her boobs or put it in her mouth. Help your horny alien buddies get some earth pussy.

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