Pegolotti pratica-della-mercatura online dating

The author, Francesco Balducci Pegolotti, worked for the Florentine merchant firm of Bardi.

He had been in Antwerp in 1315, London in 1317, Cyprus from 1324-1327 and again in the 1330s.

[He then provides several pages of terminology and definitions, for example, giving the words for "customs duties" and "market" in several languages.] may be twenty-five days with an ox-waggon, and from ten to twelve days with a horse-waggon.

And from Cassai to Garnalec [Cambalec, Beijing], which is the capital city of the country of Cathay, is thirty days' journey.

In the first place, you must let your beard grow long and not shave.

The foundation and development of the Venetian Quarter in Constantinople, and the history of the early trading relations between Venice and the Roman Empire are intimately connected with and illustrate the movement by which the Republic gradually passed from actual, through merely nominal, vassalage to actual and formal independence.

That movement constitutes an essential part of early Venetian history, the growth of the Republic as a free State between the Empire of the East and the Empire of the West, both weak at sea and in need of a fleet which Venice alone was able to supply, and shows us the Republic skilfully steering her course between Saracens, Normans, Greeks and Germans towards her goal, naval supremacy in the Adriatic and the Levant.

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