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The two began dating and then married a few years later in 1980.La Tanya became a mother in 1982, and their daughter Zoe is also in the film business (although Zoe works on the other side of the camera).In an interview with Esquire, Jackson explains that he was able to effectively play the crack addict Gator because he had just gotten out of rehab for his own crack addiction.Because of his personal experience with the drug, Jackson was able to help Lee make Gator's character seem more realistic by helping establish Gator's antics and visibility in the film.It has 11 tracks, all of which are written by Stevie Wonder, except for one.Though some believe that Wonder's album was unappealing, others believed that it was his best work in years.Willis also posed for fans (and Irish Pub bartenders) Brynley Quinn and Alec Dalantinow.for the first time anywhere on Monday at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre via the Philadelphia Theatre Company, celebrated with a dinner at Cinder.

Date of Birth: December 21, 1948 Ethnicity: African-American, likely some English Samuel L. He is the son of Elizabeth (Montgomery) and Roy Henry Jackson, both African-American.Samuel’s maternal grandmother was Pearl Brown (the daughter of John Brown and Mary).A DNA test taken by the show On the show, it was hypothesized that Samuel’s great-great-great-grandmother, Matilda Branham, who was black, had children with Joel Branham, Jr., a caucasian man, with English ancestry.The films soundtrack was by Stevie Wonder and was released by Motown Records.Although the album was created for the movie, it was released before the movie's premiere in May 1991.

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