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Nut rolls can be found in the United States and in Central European cuisines.

In the United States, "nut roll" is a more or less generic name for pastries of this type, no matter where they originate.

They were introduced there by Central European immigrants and widely adopted by other ethnic groups in the region.

They are also popular in Youngstown, Ohio, northeastern Ohio (where it is known as kolachi), the Iron Range of Minnesota, Pueblo, Colorado, Kansas City and Butte, Montana (where it is known by the Slovenian name potica and the Croatian, regional Slovenian, and Serbian name povitica).

Nut rolls resemble a jelly roll (Swiss roll) but usually with more layers of dough and filling, and resemble strudels but with fewer and less delicate dough layers.

Fillings commonly have as their main ingredient ground walnuts or poppy seeds.

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When sliced, the cross-section shows a swirl of filling.

Types or forms of nut roll are: rolled log, loaf made via a bread pan, and a "crazy loaf" style with a unique texture.

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