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This interactive discussion session will discuss best practices and lessons learned at different organizations to keep nurses engaged at the bedside and the opportunities this presents not only to the patient but to the hospital.We will look at such things as: The Case for Patient Centered Staffing: CNO-CFO Partnership Opportunities Patient Centered, data-driven staffing decisions elevate the practice of patient care delivery while impacting both clinical and financial outcomes.Learn more about the research that supports data-driven staffing models and how to share this with your organization.You will also learn how your workface management practice is an opening for a strong partnership with your CFO around outcomes.This session will demonstrate the importance of leadership support, review the implementation process, and provide outcomes achieved through the implementation of a successful program.Quality Metrics for the CNO The CNO holds the highest office and position to ensure quality processes are in place with the organization.S., including Partners, Intermountain, Providence, and University of Colorado, have joined the Amplifire Healthcare Alliance to find and fix the “confidently held misinformation” that often undermines quality and safety.Confidently Held Misinformation, or CHM, resides in the minds of clinicians and causes errors in care delivery.

If you are interested in speaking, contact Amanda Jorgensen at 561.372.4033, or email [email protected] how to make the cultural shift to promote patient perspectives, experience, and participatory care within the organization.View the health care system through the patient lens to gain a better understanding of how patients see the continuum as one experience Discuss strategies to incorporate patient-centered programs into the organization Identify ways to improve adoption, provider/payer collaboration, and employee engagement.This session will provide insight into how CNOs are facing this challenge.We will examine such topics as: Implementing a Healthy Work Environment through Safe Patient Handling We’ll address the current trends and issues that influenced the development of the safe patient handling and mobility standards, as well as identify the need for safe patient handling as part of a culture of safety environment.

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