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Footage from another team captures an eight-second burst of fully automatic fire.An analysis of the audio played at half-speed suggests a rate of fire of as many as nine rounds per second.

Another group of police is seen shouting at members of the public, some of whom are asking if the sounds are fireworks, that they should find cover and get to safety.

In harrowing scenes from the episode two women who have several children between them - some as young as five years old - are seen accepting money in exchange for access to the youngsters.

In the Philippines women sexually abuse their children for money on webcams.

Shockingly, the women showed no remorse, and so Stacey visited the pair in prison afterwards to see if they realised the extent of their crime.

But the presenter was shocked to hear that the women pin the blame on their children.'It was the kids, they initiated it themselves,' one of the women claimed through tears.'Many youths do things they shouldn’t. But I’m not selling [them]…'Both women are facing up to a life sentence as charges for child trafficking, child abuse and child pornography are brought against them.

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