What does validating feelings mean Free mobile 121 xxx chat

But, in that moment, losing ourselves to the frustration feels great!I personally am always tempted to reach for my hammer when dealing with problems that arise with my computer!” That way I show my compassion and eagerness to help, but I don’t make any assumptions.

He need only communicate that he hears her and accepts her feelings as valid.

The article by Karyn Hall on Psychology Today is a really excellent source of ideas if you want to learn more about validation techniques.

After validating, the key to maintaining respect is to make sure the person wants help before offering it.

Regardless of who you’re communicating with (be it man or woman), your communication will be enhanced by remembering that “Validation of the other person’s emotional states always precedes resolution and problem solving.”In almost any communication where there is disagreement, it is because one person is searching for solution and another for validation.

Or alternatively, the argument arises because neither person feels they are being validated by the other.

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