Who is hannah dating in pretty little liars

And that’s the reason why Hannah has listed Justin on the tapes: he took a beautiful moment and made it ugly. He remembers a moment just after Hannah’s photo went viral, when Hannah came to sit with him at lunch.Clay — jealous of her hookup with Justin — snapped at Hannah.Hannah’s parents have been collecting evidence for the police for a lawsuit — one that Justin may possibly be involved in — and Olivia is convinced this is their key to the case.Hannah’s father Andy (Brian d'Arcy James) isn’t so sure that court will see it the same way (Andy remarks that some would call Hannah’s placement on the list a compliment, a.k.a.13 sides for each person responsible for her suicide.Listen to everything and pass it on, Hannah warns, or else a “trusted individual” will make the tapes go public.It’s time for side two of Hannah’s tapes, and Clay is still terrified that he’s about to be called out for something that Hannah has declared as cruel. Hannah and Jessica became friends when their guidance counselor earnestly introduced them.Alas, Clay isn’t side two of the tapes: instead, that honor goes to Jessica (Alisha Boe). As much as they hated that their overly-peppy guidance counselor was right about their need for friends, the two clicked immediately, and soon they were sharing hot chocolate dates at local coffee shop Monet’s.

Yet Clay has nothing to talk about — at least not yet. It examines the “small” aggressions we commit that cause unthinkable pain, and the larger ones that become even more painful when we are told we must “move on” from them.It’s also an unflinching, realistic look on particularly challenging topics, including rape, suicide, and depression.Tony remarks that he’s one of the slowest people to listen to the tapes yet. His parents know something is up: Clay’s mother has filled an old prescription for antidepressants, “just in case” Clay wanted to start taking them again.Hannah’s mother finds Alex’s list in one of Hannah’s old notebooks, and declares that it’s another example of her daughter being bullied.

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