Who is sonia sotomayor dating

If we continue as is – as development gets hampered, and poverty would be widespread.This is the background with which we must judge Justice Musonda’s court ruling in the case of Dora Siliya’s affair.Otherwise if people stopped being watchful, ideological or selfish goals would render the entire judicial system impartial.

In our case, we’ve to make a choice between a corrupt-free Zambia versus the ‘status quo’ where by the country would continue inefficiently and corruptly.When a court system makes decisions which impact the society negatively, it is up to the members of that society to carefully watch and scrutinize the “why’s” and “how’s” of those decisions.We must always look for influences behind those court judgments.Supporters of both sides gathered outside the court and inside the crowded chamber as lawyers presented their arguments to the nine Supreme Court justices during a 90-minute hearing.The landmark case pits gay couple Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig against Colorado bakery owner Jack Phillips, who refused in July 2012 to make a cake for their wedding reception.

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